Hello, I'm Lara.

I’m 21 years old and a junior at Purdue University studying Hospitality & Tourism Management. Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, but I also enjoy reading, hiking, and watching movies. Most of my time is taken up by balancing college, work and my social life, plus getting 6 hours of sleep a day. In my spare time I like to drink coffee, write for this blog, and work as a tour guide on campus.

I made this blog to share my genuine experiences with people who find them relatable. I’ve always found myself reading personal blogs for advice or tips but I’ve never had the courage to start my own. I’m ecstatic about finally¬†taking the leap into the world of bloggers and starting a new journey. I hope everyone who reads my posts can take away something from it and just enjoy reading it!


About the Blog

Relatable and honest, sometimes witty. Read about college mishaps, becoming an adult, traveling to cool places (at home & abroad), dealing with life, neat finds, travel tips/advice, good movies & books, and basically anything that a millennial would tweet about.