My Journey in Pictures: Dover, England

During the summer of 2016, I lived in Central London for 6 weeks and was able to travel around England. On my second to last day in England, one of my classmates and I decided to take the train from London to Dover. It was a lovely train ride to the coastal town of Dover and once we arrived we chose to walk to the Dover Castle right away. After locating a street map, we were able to navigate our way to the castle, spend a couple hours wandering the castle, and then head towards the White Cliffs of Dover.

Our day spent in Dover was wonderful; from the interesting historic tours of the castle to the majestic natural beauty of the cliffs, it was an amazing experience. The following photos document my day trip to Dover, England.

Map of Dover
Panorama of the entrance of the Dover Castle
Front view of the Dover Castle enterance
Glimpse of what the outter walls of the castle looked like
Arch way that leads into the castle
Panorama of the city of Dover from behind the Dover Castle walls
The Great Tower, the home residence of the castle
Panorama of the top of The Great Tower
Looking down from The Great Tower
Door leading to the roof of The Great Tower
Stairs in The Great Tower
The Great Tower
Tunnel arch way leading out of the Dover Castle
Front entrance of the castle
Panorama of the castle

*The photos I have do not represent everything I saw while in the walls of the Dover Castle. The castle also had wartime time underground tunnels that were heavily used during WW2, but the use of cameras was strictly forbidden. As well as the wartime tunnels, they also had an underground war hospital facility.  *

White Cliffs of Dover
Panorama of the White Cliffs
Closer view of the cliffs
It was very windy by the edge of the cliffs

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