A letter for my mom on her birthday

Dear Mom,

If college has taught me one thing, it’s that being a mother looks like the toughest job in the world. I’m personally not a mother, but since I’ve starting seeing things with “adult” eyes I can plainly see that being a mom is no walk in the park. For starters, you have to deal with me as a daughter. I’ve called you crying, I’ve called you angry, I’ve called you happy, I’ve even called you bored. But despite the reasons for my endless phone calls home, you always make time to listen and care about what is going on in my life. And after the hundreds of calls I’ve made since I’ve come to college, I’m so thankful that you always picked up (or called me back with lightening speed).

But, I think being a mother goes beyond dealing with your children and their endless problems. It stems out to being a role model for your kids, someone they can always lean on but also look up to no matter how old they get. And Mom you have been that role model to me. You are without a doubt the strongest woman I have ever met. Life is tough, but you always seem to handle every issue you encounter with grace and ease. I know it’s not easy all the time because I’ve seen you struggle and stumble, but you never let anything hold you down. I’m so thankful I have always had a strong female influence in my life like you, Mom.

It used to bug me when I was younger when people called me your “mini me” or said we looked like twins. It wasn’t until I became older that I realized that those were the best compliments anyone could give me. I’m proud when people say I remind them of you because you are extraordinarily independent and strong willed. I want noting more than to be like you! You’ve taught me everything I know, made me sarcastic just like you, and showed me that no matter what my dreams are you will always support me. I’m beyond thankful that I’m your mini me.

Being a mother seems tough, but somehow you make it look easy. You always have the answers or if you don’t, you will always lend a shoulder to lean on. Your endless support for me has never wavered and for that I am thankful. Your love for me has always been felt, no matter how far away we are from each other. And on days like today, I’m so happy that I get to celebrate your special day with you. I love you.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Love, Lara Maye

















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