Travel Diaries: Preparing for Iceland

The final countdown has begun and in less than 2 days I will be boarding my flight to Iceland. As usual, I have been procrastinating packing until the last minute and just last night I finished up the last of my pre-trip laundry. Packing for this trip has been especially difficult because I am flying with WOWair and they only allow 1 free carry on. Luckily, a couple of my friends were willing to split the cost of a checked bag so I don’t have to cram everything into my backpack. Even though we are sharing a bag, I’m still packing incredibly light because most of the warm clothes I am taking are very bulky.

Tonight my 5 friends and I will leave for my house so we can get an 1 hour head start on our drive to Boston tomorrow morning. After the 14-ish hour ride to my friend’s house outside of Boston, we will be departing from Boston Logan International Airport on Sunday to Iceland. We will then be landing at Keflavik International Airport bright and early on Monday morning (5:30 am to be exact), which will be the start of our 5 day adventure in Iceland!

I am incredibly excited and super pumped for this trip because…

  1. I have never been to Iceland
  2. This is my first spring break vacation where I’ve actually gone somewhere
  3. I’m traveling with 5 of my best friends!!
  4. I bought a Polaroid camera recently and I’m bringing it with me
  5. It’ll be so much fun!!!

All this being said, I am also starting a new series on my blog called “Travel Diaries” that will be diary style entries about the adventures I have on my trips. (Surprise this is the first one in the series!) Obviously Iceland will be the subject of my first articles and I am ecstatic to be able to share my experiences with everyone! I will not be posting about my Icelandic shenanigans until next week when I return home, so stay tuned!

xoxo, Lara



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